3 Weeks Post-Op

Today marks 3 weeks since my exchange surgery. It’s super exciting because I was able to finally lift my arms above my shoulders, switch from a surgical bra to a sports bra, and drive on the highway! My mom met me at the mall to help me shop for sports bras, which was really helpful. Some of them I couldn’t even pull over my own shoulders so it was really nice having her there to help me out. We ended up finding winners at Lorna Jane, and the staff was super helpful, even bringing out a yoga mat so I could make sure the sports bra would be comfortable while I’m sleeping on my back. It’s also awesome to be able to lift my arms above my shoulders (or as Beyoncé says, “Flexin’ while my hands up My hands up, my hands up I stand up with my hands up.”

Yesterday, I had orientation for this quarter of nursing school, which is the immersion/preceptorship portion of the degree. I won’t have class next quarter, but will be in a maternity unit for 300 clinical hours and 60 project hours. I am super excited because I looooove clinicals and working directly with patients. Then one last quarter and I’m done! The other exciting part of orientation was learning all about graduation in June, taking the board exams, applying for jobs, and getting my RN license.

I’m really excited to move on from recovery mode into feeling more like myself. I start physical therapy tomorrow and only 3 more weeks until I can sleep without a bra, wear a normal bra, and sleep on my side!!!!

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