Happy New Year!

2014 has definitely been a challenging but rewarding year. The challenging stuff was definitely tough (mastectomy recovery, balancing nursing school and 3 cancer prevention surgeries, the hardest quarter of nursing school, the “hole in my boob” saga, acquiring hella medical bill debt) but the rewarding stuff was amazing (starting this blog, educating thousands about BRCA and cancer prevention, successful final surgery this month, becoming part of the BRCA community, and being so grateful for my husband, friends, and family for their support and being amazing caregivers).

I’m really excited for 2015! 2015 will mean the mastectomy journey is complete, I will graduate nursing school in June and start my career as a nurse. Hopefully Adam & I can get some traveling in. And – I’ll finally get to sleep on my side again & hopefully pay off that medical bill debt lol 🙂 Thanks for making 2014 so rewarding and here’s to a great 2015! I’ve got big plans for Funky Genes, can’t wait to share them!


(source: my musical muse)

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