Tony the Tiger

I had a bunch of tape all over my chest from surgery and it was coming loose in a lot of spots, so I got the okay from my nurse to remove the tape. Luckily my friend (who also happens to be a nursing student) was coming over today, so she was able to help me remove it all and did an awesome job. I’m sensitive to tape, so I have crazy looking blood blisters all over that almost look like tiger stripes – but other than that everything looks great! I had the same blood blisters after my mastectomy too and last time they went away in a few weeks and they should this time too. It feels so nice to have all the tape off! Now I just have a bit of tape over the incisions to help with scarring.

One more week until I can lift my arms above my shoulders and switch to a sports bra instead of my surgical bra, woo-hoo!


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