Good Day

I had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon today. My appointment on Monday where I got my drain and stitches out was with the nurse (heck yes to nursing skillz), so today was the first time I’ve seen my surgeon since my surgery 10 days ago. She was very happy with how everything looked and told me she was 80% sure going into the OR that I would have to keep the expander on the left side, so thanks for everyone’s good vibes, thoughts, and prayers – they definitely helped! Things are still healing but look pretty good for only 10 days out. I got the okay to go on 2 hour excursions today so Adam and I went to lunch to celebrate after my appointment. I also learned how to do these “displacement” exercises on the implants to get them to move more down and to the middle since my expanders were higher and more to the side. The exercises are a little uncomfortable, but I’m happy to do what I can to make them look better than they already do. I am really happy with how they feel, they feel way more like my natural breasts that I had ever imagined. I am so happy to have those expanders out. The hole that was sutured up is healing nicely and I’ll be able to switch to a sports bra instead of a surgical bra 3 weeks from surgery. Then, 6 weeks from surgery, I can FINALLY sleep on my side (haven’t been able to since August) and can wear a normal non-underwire bra. I’m cutting way down on pain meds and should be off them really soon, so I’m feeling more and more like myself. So, very happy with how today went!

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