Rachel’s Recovery p.1

This is Rachel’s mom, Anna, guest blogging. I’m a writer, but blogging is not my thing, so you probably won’t have as much fun reading me as Rachel!

To bring you up to date, the mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries took place yesterday – Tuesday. We checked into St. John’s Hospital at 5 a.m., barely awake and totally hyped up at the same time. After filling in some paperwork, Rachel was taken back to be prepped. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Miller, immediately inspired confidence. He seemed like the kind of physician who is not only expert in his field, but truly cares. We knew that even though Rachel has some medication allergy issues, she was in excellent hands. We kissed Rachel and told her we’d see her when it was all done.

The surgery began around 8. We waited, trying to make small talk, but filled with tension. At around 11 a.m., Dr. Funk, Rachel’s breast surgeon, came out to tell us that the first part, the actual mastectomy, went, in her words, perfectly. No need to say that Adam and I were thrilled. We then settled in for the next part – the reconstructive surgery. This took another 4 hours. At around 3, Dr. Grunwald came out to tell us the surgery had gone well and Rachel was in recovery. Adam went to see her first and came back to let me know that she was in surprisingly good shape. I then went in to see for myself – and he was absolutely right, and then some! She was chatty and joking (okay, the drugs might have had something to do with that).


Once she was ready, we moved up to Rachel’s room – this is a beautiful hospital and the room is great. Adam stayed with Rachel all night. And now it’s The Next Day.

Rachel actually transferred to sit in a chair for a half hour (pictured here). Might not sound like much in the normal world, but after major surgery, it’s HUGE. We’re all pleased with her progress.

And may I add a personal big thank you to Dr. Kristi Funk and Dr. Tiffany Grunwald – incredible doctors and also incredible human beings. When Rachel is ready, she’ll dictate her next blog and it will be back to Regular Programming.


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