Rachel’s Recovery p.2

Hi everyone – husband Adam here.  Just want to give a quick update about Rachel’s recovery.  In short, everything’s going great.  She’s definitely in pain, but as one of her surgeons explained, things for the next two-three weeks are going to be ‘one step forward, two steps back.’  Basically, any new stuff she does hurts.  But then it gets easier.  Like getting up to go to the bathroom, walking back & forth from the bathroom and then getting back into the recliner.  It’s really tough and tiring at first, but gets easier every time.

It’s really cool to see all of Rachel’s preparation (workouts, special diet, listening to so many brave women who have been through this before) helping her bounce back from every bout of pain.  Staying on top of her meds has also been key.  As well Rachel having an incredible medical team, mom and community of friends and family that have rallied around her.  Tomorrow Rachel’s looking forward to another round of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, upgraded meals beyond bland soup & pudding (especially from our friends at Chandni in Santa Monica) and maybe a trip upstairs to sleep in bed.  We’re going to continue taking things slowly and focusing on recovery – and staying as pain free as possible.

We’ll keep you updated over the next few days and please continue to send Rachel good vibes, love and prayers!

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