Tomorrow’s the Big Day

The big day is finally right around the corner. I check into the hospital at 5am tomorrow morning for a 7am prophylactic mastectomy. The surgery should last about 8 hours and Adam will be blogging sometime tomorrow or the next day with an update. The mastectomy consists of removing all my breast tissue (including from the armpit and as high as the clavicle) followed by a reconstruction with the tissue expander. My breast and reconstructive surgeon will work together during the surgery. They will fill the expanders a bit and then I’ll come into my reconstructive surgeon’s office weekly for expansions.

I’m nervous about the surgery, mainly about the pain afterwards. But I know I am strong and I’ll get through it. I’ve talked to a lot of women who had gone through this surgery and none of them regret it. They have been open with me about the pain so I am going in knowing what to expect.

I had a good day today – ran the final errands I needed to run, went to a hyperbaric oxygen treatment, had lunch with a friend, and got my hair blown out since I won’t be able to wash it for a while. My mom is coming over tonight and she, Adam, and I will watch the Emmys and relax a bit. Luckily my surgeon prescribed me some valium to help me sleep tonight.

So please send me good vibes/energy/prayers tomorrow!

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