This is How We Do Iiiiiiiiiiit

This post is named after my all time favorite karaoke jam! Also, today was an awesome day where I got a lot accomplished. Here’s a list below. I’m proud of myself.

  • Met up with my friend who had her prophylactic mastectomy 2 weeks ago – got some great tips. She also showed me her breasts and they looked much better than I expected for 2 weeks out, so that was encouraging
  • Studied for midterms
  • Went to Nordstrom to get an initial surgery top fitting and see wireless bra options for after my tissue expanders are full
  • Exercised 3 times today – long walk in Santa Monica, gym workout, and rebounder class
  • Had a chat with a Hawaiian healer about tips to spiritually prepare my body for the mastectomy
  • Met with a colleague from USF Alumni Engagement to talk about my blog and how USF’s MPH program helped train me for health advocacy
  • Watched Real Housewives of New York reunion (possibly the most important thing I did today haha jk)

Self Care

As a nursing student, we are always taught about the importance of self care. You can’t be a good nurse without caring for yourself. Since my mastectomy is less than a month away, I’m starting to rev up my self care, which has been pretty fun. I’ve been working out a lot more and focusing on my core, range of motion, and back (since I won’t be able to use my arms for weeks). I also used a Living Social deal that had almost expired on an awesome massage. I’ve been going to meditation classes at the gym too AKA total relaxation classes. I swear I feel like I just got an hour massage after these classes bc of how relaxed I am.

The meditation instructor has a free 10 min download of his class, if you want to try and “reset” (the name of his class).


Good Humor

Having a sense of humor about this journey has made the process a heck of a lot easier for me. Below is an exchange between me and Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. For those of you who don’t know who Chrissy is, she’s a model who happens to be hilarious and also married to John Legend (who features a breast cancer survivor in his awesome new video).  She was so nice to respond to me in less than a minute! Ps – if you don’t already, follow me on Twitter!


Fitness Time

Tomorrow will be t-minus 1 month til’ my mastectomy, so I really need to get things in order. Soooo, I’m starting to work out almost daily. My hubby and I consider this a very important part of the surgery prep, since being in shape helps promote blood flow and better recovery. I’m going to work on my core (since I won’t be able to use my arms to get in and out of bed), arm strength, and oxygenation. Hopefully this will all help me out when I can’t lift my arms after surgery (aka t-rex arms).


Flippin Out

Recently, I’ve started getting anxious about aspects of the surgery and overwhelmed with trying to prepare for the mastectomy, finishing all my schoolwork early, working 12-hour rotations, and trying to get everything in order. Even with my super supportive husband, friends, and family – it is a lot to handle. I’m going to start listening to my mindfulness CDs soon and my surgeon said I could even listen to them on my way into the operating room. Luckily, this is my last week of two days in a row 12-hour shifts, so I can have some more free time to get things in order and chillax. Meanwhile, I’ll just watch this video of some Bichons in Indonesia to calm me down.


I just worked two 12-hour shifts and came home pretty tired. I had a moment of feeling overwhelmed about my surgery and being a patient in the hospital rather than a nursing student. So, it was perfect timing that a friend sent me an email with this inspirational picture, saying that she was thinking of me.



After my workout today, I decided to try out a meditation class at the gym. I deliberately placed my mat near the door so I could sneak out without anyone noticing if I got bored. Surprisingly, I really liked it. The time went by quickly and I even fell asleep toward the end of the class. I’ll definitely be going to the class again weekly before surgery to help clear my mind and practice mindfulness.