This is How We Do Iiiiiiiiiiit

This post is named after my all time favorite karaoke jam! Also, today was an awesome day where I got a lot accomplished. Here’s a list below. I’m proud of myself.

  • Met up with my friend who had her prophylactic mastectomy 2 weeks ago – got some great tips. She also showed me her breasts and they looked much better than I expected for 2 weeks out, so that was encouraging
  • Studied for midterms
  • Went to Nordstrom to get an initial surgery top fitting and see wireless bra options for after my tissue expanders are full
  • Exercised 3 times today – long walk in Santa Monica, gym workout, and rebounder class
  • Had a chat with a Hawaiian healer about tips to spiritually prepare my body for the mastectomy
  • Met with a colleague from USF Alumni Engagement to talk about my blog and how USF’s MPH program helped train me for health advocacy
  • Watched Real Housewives of New York reunion (possibly the most important thing I did today haha jk)

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