Exchange completed!

Hey all!  Husband Adam here.  Rachel had a 4.5 hour surgery yesterday and it was a big success!  She got home last night and has been resting well since.

The really great news is that she got two implants (as opposed to having to keep one of the tissue expanders in).  Also, the recent tissue damage that popped up in October healed well!  The surgeon tested the skin from the inside and was able to verify that everything grew back healthily.  The Dr. used allograft on the inside of that breast and is very happy with the results of the procedure 🙂  Another big plus is that Rachel only needs one drain.  These mofos were the cause of much of her pain during the mastectomy – so when the doctor said she just had one drain AND she got the implants, I was like ‘hallelujah! & Happy Chanukah!’


Last night Rachel was even able to sleep in bed for over five hours!  It took two weeks for us to get to this point post-mastectomy – so another thing we’re both very thankful for.  The biggest priority over the next week is lots of rest to heal and prep for the post-op appointment next Monday.

Thank you so much for all of your support and love during this journey!  Either Rachel or I will post updates soon and I hope you have a great week and Happy holidays!

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