Ready for Tomorrow

This’ll be a short post because I’m totally exhausted from finals week. As finishing my last exam at 7:00 tonight – I’m done with with school for this quarter – woohoo, I made it (even with a hole in my boob)! Now, I finally had a chance to get everything together for surgery. I spoke with my surgeon and anesthesiologist (they both called me tonight, awesome). Adam and I went through all my paperwork and plans for tomorrow. I ate a burger and sweet potato fries for my last meal before surgery, and opened some kick ass pre-surgery/post-finals/Hanukkah presents from Adam. He got me 3 of my favorite things – winter dream tea from Coffee Bean (aka Christmas in a cup), a Beyoncé sweatshirt, and a John Cena action figure.

My surgeon is hopeful that I can get implants on both sides tomorrow, but it won’t be until we are in the operating room that she makes the final decision based on what is safest and will heal the best. Either way, my right expander is being switched for an implant and the deep tissue injury will be cut out and supported with a graft underneath on the left. Whether or not I get an implant or keep the expander on the left is to be determined. If I don’t get the implant on the left, I would have one more surgery down the line to switch it to the implant.

Despite all the craziness, I am feeling pretty calm. I’m confident in my medical team and I feel very supported by my community. Adam will post with an update sometime tomorrow. Please send good vibes/thoughts/prayers tomorrow. My surgery starts at 9am and should last about 4 hours. Much love.


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