Today was a little rough, I got pretty stomach sick from the medication I’m on. Luckily, my husband was here to take care of me in the morning and then my mom came over when he left for work. She made me chicken soup from my grandmother’s recipe and that helped me feel better. I also had a lot of ginger ale and took it easy, and I started to feel better.

Here are some tips to be prepared in case you have post-surgery nausea:

  • Before you go in for surgery, make sure to have bland foods like toast and ginger ale at home
  • Have ginger capsules handy
  • If you are feeling nauseous, let your doctor know so they can prescribe you something to help
  • Take it easy after surgery – doing too much can make your recovery slower
  • Have stool softeners at home in case you are constipated from pain meds

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