Back at Home!

The nipple delay is over and I’m back at home recovering. The surgery was a success, everything went perfectly and it took a little over an hour and a half. My breast surgeon, Dr. Funk, is incredible and so was her entire team. All of the nurses, surgical tech, and her anesthesiologist were amazing.

I did have a lot of nausea after the surgery but after trying out several meds, one finally worked and I started feeling better. Adam said I looked green haha. I’m in pain, but nothing unbearable. Adam and my mom were with me today and they were such an amazing support system. They helped me so much before and after the surgery and I’m so appreciative. Also, the messages I received from friends and family on surgery day really helped me keep a positive attitude and push me through. So thanks to everyone! I can’t express my gratitude enough.

One cool thing was that there was a woman in the waiting room who was unsure of what the nipple delay was. My mom directed her to my blog and she learned about what the surgery entailed. It is so motivating to educate others through this blog!



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