I had my pre-op with my breast surgeon last week, and my pre-op with my reconstructive surgeon today. I did everything from my tips for appointments list, and I feel pretty prepared for the upcoming surgeries. Actually, I feel prepared for what to expect, but unprepared in terms of getting everything done before then. My nipple delay is this coming Monday, and I have lots of schoolwork to do before then. I want to get everything done before then if possible because writing papers while on painkillers could either have a really good or really bad outcome. 🙂

After these appointments, I know some supplies I need to pick up in advance, along with some meds. I’m really thankful that I have such great doctors. They both spend a lot of time with me and answer all of my questions. They are honest and kind and experts in their fields, and I’m just so happy with my team. Now, back to that schoolwork…

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