Goodbye Boobies

My nipple delay is in a week, and mastectomy in two weeks. I’m getting everything ready and finishing up all my schoolwork. Something else I’m doing that is really important is celebrating my breasts. I need to say goodbye to them and thank them and then welcome my foobs (fake boobs) with open arms. I’m doing some things to celebrate them.

1. My mother-in-law threw a “Bye Bye Boobies” party for me yesterday. It was so awesome to be in a room full of strong, supportive women who are completely encouraging me on this journey. The setup was beautiful with pink and teal (for breast and ovarian cancer) decorations, food, balloons, and even tutus. There were boob related foods like boob cupcakes and pink ribbon cookies. We played pin the boobies on Rachel (luckily on a life-size photo of me and not my actual boobs). I gave a little talk about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and the BRCA gene. It literally brought me to tears to feel all of the support in the room and it was a great way to put me in a positive mindset before my surgery.


2. Last month, I applied for a Keep a Breast Treasure Chest kit and I was given one! It is a program to memorialize your breasts if you are going through breast cancer or undergoing a prophylactic mastectomy. My husband helped me make the cast tonight and it turned out awesome! It is so nice to have a piece of art to memorialize my breasts. I hope to have an artist friend paint it for me!


3. I’m talking to my body. It may sound strange, but I’m (silently) talking to my body each night preparing it for what is going to happen and how I am doing this to be healthier. I’m also thanking my breasts and preparing my body for the new ones.

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