There’s a ton of prep that goes into getting ready for a preventative mastectomy. Some of it is pretty boring/daunting like insurance approvals, figuring out budgets for out-of-pocket expenses, lab work, etc. Some of it is kid of fun like looking at implants, pillows, and trying to make sure I have access to all the bad reality TV I’ll want post-surg.

I’m going to the FORCE 2014 conference next week, which is a conference all about breast and ovarian hereditary cancers. There will be a lot of cancer survivors and previvors (like me). I’m excited to get more info about what to expect. Honestly, the only thing I’ve figured out that I want in my hospital bag/need to buy is an “I woke up like this” beanie. I think it would be pretty funny to wear that in my hospital bed – being a nursing student I just want to make my nurses laugh. Also, Beyonce is one of my spirit divas. I listen to her music to empower me and make me feel like I am a BOSS.

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