Screw You Cancer

Caitlin Brodnick is awesome and hilarious. She’s a 28-year old stand-up comic who has the BRCA1 gene mutation (my gene is BRCA2). Like me, she decided to have a preventative mastectomy. She also made her journey public through a web series that Glamour aired, called Screw You Cancer.

I met Caitlin when Screw You Cancer won an award at the Television Academy Honors last week. I practically ran up to her to talk after learning that she had gone through this process, and she couldn’t have been more cool.  She was totally open, friendly, and she gave me her number right away so I could call her with questions. Most impressively, she let me feel her new boobies, and they felt great (it is amazing how every woman I’ve met who has gone through this surgery offers to let me touch their boobs).

Check out episode 1 below and the other eps are after the jump

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