Nice Rack

Some of you have been asked about my new boobies. Will I get the same size or bigger? Will the implants be placed in during the mastectomy? Have you made a collage of celebrity breasts you like (the answer to that one is a resounding yes, although I’m pretty sure the Chrissy Teigen look won’t work for me). But as much as I would just love to get tig ol’ bitties, there is a lot of consideration that has to go into this process.

There are many ways to go about reconstruction. I’m not a candidate for the flap reconstruction – where tissue from one part of the body is transferred to another – because I am too petite. So my two options were a one or two-step procedure. After speaking with my breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, and others who have gone through the surgery, I decided that the two-step procedure was right for me. Although I want the least amount of surgeries as possible, this method seems to provide me with the best outcomes for optimal blood flow and allowing my skin to slowly stretch instead of just jamming an implant in there. Check out this 3-D breast reconstruction video explaining the different options.

When I get the mastectomy procedure in late August, I’ll have tissue expanders placed in. They are then filled with saline during surgery to about half of the size that my breasts were before (bonus to my friends and family taking care of me – you get to see bizarre droopy looking half boobs).  I then go in for weekly expansions where saline is added to the expanders through a port – I’ll do this around 3-4 times total until I am happy with the size.

robin-williams-in-mrs-doubtfireFrom what I’ve heard, once they are filled, these are like tupperware boobs. They feel a bit uncomfortable and sometimes you can run into walls with them or have Mrs. Doubtfire moments.

Then, I go in for my (fingers crossed) final surgery in December where the permanent implants are placed. I like this idea because my body has time to heal and stretch and because if a size doesn’t feel right, I can go bigger or smaller. Also, if my breasts heal in an asymmetrical way, it can be fixed during the final surgery. Hopefully that answers all the reconstruction questions! If not, contact me!

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