10 Weeks Post-Op, 6 Weeks Pre-Op

Today marks the 10 week mark since my prophylactic mastectomy. I’m so thankful to feel pretty good only 10 weeks out, especially considering the tissue damage I had and having to go through the expansion process twice. I’m so happy that I’m done with expansions! My muscles were pretty sore after my last expansion on Thursday, but I’m feeling a lot better now.

I’m also 6 weeks pre-op from my exchange surgery, which I’m so excited about! My tissue expanders kind of feel like turtle shells and an underwire bra inside of me, but I’ve strangely gotten used to it. It’s still uncomfortable though. My final surgery in 6 weeks will be a huge milestone because I will swap out my expanders for implants, and also I will be done with my surgeries! Having 3 surgeries in a little over 3 months, I’ll be really glad to have it all in the rear view mirror.

Some exciting stuff is happening too. My alma mater USF featured my story, and so did my current nursing school (and soon to be alma mater) UCLA. There is also a larger UCLA feature in the works, so I’ll keep everyone posted on that. For now, back to studying for my exam on Thursday!

Here’s a pic taken back in June at the FORCE conference already looking forward to my exchange surgery!


Today Was a Good Day

I’m super tired so this will be a short and sweet post. Despite having 2 exams tomorrow, plus the doctor’s appointment where my tissue damage outcome is finally revealed – it was a great day. Here’s why 🙂

  • My alma mater, USF, wrote a great article about my BRCA journey. Check it out here.
  • I had my first maternity rotation today and it was awesome. Also, it’s a big accomplishment to make it through my first 12 hour shift since my mastectomy 7 weeks ago.
  • I got to devour eat delish Mexican food and laugh a ton w my friends after clinicals today
  • During my maternity shift, I got to hold a newborn baby, which kind of made me forget about all the stressful stuff going on right now 🙂

Now it’s time to cram in a bit more studying before tomorrow. I’ll update tomorrow about how my Dr’s appt went!