PT Tomorrow

Things have been super busy with clinicals, school, and life in general. Plus my physical therapist got sick, so I haven’t been to PT in 2 weeks. I’m officially cleared to not go to PT anymore but I like going because it is really helpful in loosening up my neck and back, which can get tight because of the mastectomy, exchange surgery, and all that time with my heavy rocks aka expanders.

Luckily, my plastic surgeon prescribed me PT after my mastectomy and exchange and referred me to a breast cancer specialist. It really does require a special level of expertise to work with patients after a mastectomy, especially if there are any lymphedema issues. After my mastectomy, I had cording even though the surgery was preventative and no lymph nodes were removed, and PT helped a lot. So, the moral of the story is: if you’re having a mastectomy and your doctor doesn’t offer these resources, I would highly recommend researching to find a PT breast specialist.

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