Not Looking Doesn’t Mean the Gene Mutation is Not There

The title of this post is my favorite quote from the Courier-Journal’s article about the controversial AARP Magazine story featuring false information about BRCA from Melissa Etheridge (in case you missed it, read more about that here). Read the Courier-Journal’s full article about the debate here. It contains some great info!

The quote, “Not Looking Doesn’t Mean the Gene Mutation is Not There”, is from Judy Garber, who is the director of the Cancer Risk and Prevention Program at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I totally agree with this – knowledge is power. Finding out you have a BRCA mutation does not mean you will get cancer. It also doesn’t mean you have to undergo surgical procedures. It was the right choice for me, but not for everyone. Melissa Etheridge discouraging women to get tested for BRCA mutations and is incredibly irresponsible of her. Whether or not someone decides to get the test, it is a very individualized decision. So I’m very happy that the Courier-Journal ran their story.

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