T-Minus 1 Month (again)

The last time I had a 1 month countdown was back in July before my mastectomy. This 1 month countdown is much more exciting because it’s a month until my final surgery, called “the exchange.” The exchange surgery is when my turtle-shell tissue expanders are exchanged for squishy implants. It’s a much less invasive (no tissue removal), much shorter (no more 7 hour surgery), outpatient surgery (no more staying 2 nights in the hospital). I also should be a lot more comfortable after the surgery because of how much better the implants will feel than the current tissue expanders I have in, which kind of feel like tupperware in my body. The recovery is still similar in terms of restrictions (I’ll be in t-rex no arms above my shoulders mode for another 3 weeks), but it is supposed to be wayyyyy less painful. I know it is still surgery, but after going through the mastectomy, I’m optimistic about how much easier of a recovery this will be.

Here are some things I’m really looking forward to after my exchange:
– Sleeping on my side (I have had to become a back sleeper since August) 6 weeks after surgery
– No more 24/7 bra wearing, which I’ve been doing since August
– I’ll be able to work out again after about 6-8 weeks
– Squishy implants instead of rock hard expanders

I’ll update everyone after my pre-op, on 12/4!

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