Cwazy Week

This week has been pretty insane. I had an ICU clinical, 2 maternity clinicals, and 2 exams. It’s been a tiring week but I love clinicals and I’m happy to be helping patients again. ICU was so different than other units I’ve been on and I’m glad I got to experience it, even just for one shift. Maternity rotations are really awesome!

Tomorrow, I’ll re-start my expansions since my tissue damage is healing well! Tissue expansions are usually pretty uncomfortable for 24-48 hours afterwards, but I am excited for it since it signifies that I am moving forward with my healing and keeping on schedule for my 12/16 exchange surgery.

Now, back to studying. But first, here is a hilarious video to get me through the final push this week. I don’t know why but I laugh so hard that I cry every time I watch this.

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