Good News!!

I had my follow-up appointment yesterday to look at my tissue damage and see how it was doing. Thankfully, it looks a lot better! It still doesn’t look great, but it is sooooooo much better than it was before. After carefully removing the bandage, my surgeon said “I’m so relieved!” That made me feel so much better without even seeing it. Adam was with me at the appointment and I saw the relief on his face when he saw it too.

At my last appointment, my surgeon drew a purple circle around the area that was damaged – and the damage is so much smaller than the circle now! I really believe the hyperbarics helped heal and I will continue to go at least once a week until my next surgery. I’ve also been receiving some massage and cupping at physical therapy and I think that helped with the blood flow a lot too.

I have a bandage over the area again, and it will continue to stay on for a while. I’m also going to start my expansions again next week, so I can get back to the size I was before the damage occurred. And I am still on track for my exchange surgery (expanders to implants) on 12/16. I really appreciate everyone’s good wishes and support, I am very thankful!!

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