Ups and Downs

I started school again this week which was good but also tough. I was still sore from Monday’s expansion so there was a lot of anxiety about going back – especially having a math test on day one. But it was a lot better than I expected (not the test, that was rough). I got a lot of friends checking in and giving me gentle hugs and well wishes, and wasn’t too sore (especially thanks to my homies carrying my laptop and backpack for me).

The bad part was a bruise suddenly appeared Thursday morning and it’s progressively gotten worse. Today I put on my nursing student hat and did an assessment on it and it definitely felt more like tissue than a bruise. I called my reconstructive surgeon and she asked me to send her pictures and she’d call me back. When she called back she said that it appeared to be tissue damage and that sometimes people are numb and the expanders can hit against something and they don’t notice. Her advice was to stay in and lay low  and send her a picture tomorrow afternoon. If it looks worse she will have me come in to see her and possibly remove some fluid. If not, I’ll see her on Monday. She just wants to make sure my blood flow isn’t compromised.

Of course this is scary but I’m just trying to take my husband’s advice and just think about best outcomes rather than worst outcomes. So I’m just going to lay low, not use my left side, and watch some distracting tv 🙂

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