I had my first physical therapy session today and it went well. I’m going to go twice a week and we will start working on strength soon. Today was range of motion evaluation and learning some exercises to do at home. I have some scar tissue buildup on the right side near my armpit (where they removed breast tissue – yes, breast tissue is also removed from your axilla aka armpit) so they showed me a massage that could help. Luckily, it’s one Adam can help with and only takes about 2-5 minutes. I also have 3 exercises to do at home and a self massage to hopefully make the expanders more comfortable.

My range of motion is good on the left side and only off by 10 degrees on the right, so things are looking good. I’m really happy I don’t start clinicals again for about a month so I know I will be ready by then thanks to physical therapy and my awesome surgeons and support system.

On Monday, I should find out how many more expansions I have left, which I’m excited about. They aren’t necessarily painful, but there is definitely discomfort that day and the day after – since they are stretching the skin and also the pec major and serratus muscle attached to the alloderm – so I’ll be happy when they are done. I’m also hoping my rock hard expanders feel more comfortable through physical therapy. I also get to look at pictures of boobs and decide on implants on Monday so I’ll be posting about that for sure!

I haven’t driven yet so Adam and I are going to try it out this weekend – I’ll blog about that on Saturday 🙂

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