My Recovery p.4

It’s Rachel! I’m so happy that my mom and Adam were able to guest blog while I was in serious recovery mode. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks from my prophylactic mastectomy and I’ve come a long way. But, my surgeon was totally right when she said this recovery is two steps forward, one step back. Every time I overcome one pain or obstacle it seems a new one comes my way. I’m really excited for a week from tomorrow (the 3 week mark) because I will be able to lift my arms over my shoulders and I can wear a sports bra instead of this weird velcro surgical bra. I’ll also start physical therapy then.

I got the drains out last week which has made things a lot easier and I’m off my narcotic painkillers, just on extra strength Tylenol now. I finally slept in bed for the first time (instead of a recliner or couch) a few nights ago which I thought would be a big relief but has turned out to be quite a challenge. It has been taking a while to get used to how to comfortably lie in bed now that I have the expanders. They feel really heavy on my chest when I’m lying down and I’ve only had one expansion so far so I imagine it will get worse. I’ve also been pretty emotional like crying at things like finding a good incline wedge for bed, my dog watching over me, Adam helping me, and even crying if I laugh too hard because it hurts.

Now onto the good stuff, since I passed the 10 day mark, I am allowed to do short excursions. Last night, Adam and I went to a new theater called iPic and saw Guardians of the Galaxy. One of my friends who had a prophylactic mastectomy recommended this theater because they have reclining seats, pillows, blankets, and they deliver popcorn to you – the staff was so nice and accommodating. Basically the best possible scenario for seeing a movie post-mastectomy.  It was really nice to have a date night and the movie was awesome, as was the whole experience.

Most importantly, a special shout out for all the support I’ve received. So many people have reached out with their support and good wishes. I’ve had so many calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages, cards, flowers, and even edible arrangements. One friend even ordered food for us for 2 weeks from a home delivery service! Adam has been the best caregiver. It has been exhausting for him but he’s been so supportive and such a trooper. Also my mom has come by often and made food and helped out a lot. And my in-laws are visiting me next weekend from San Diego! My whole family has been checking in on me all the time, sending homemade cards and care packages. Adam’s coworkers have been checking in on me too, bringing me juices and even visiting me in the hospital. And so many friends from nursing school helping out with everything from visiting me at the hospital and lifting my spirits, watching bad Lifetime movies with me at home, helping with drains and dressings, and even helping me shower since it took 3 of us when the drains were in. I feel completely humbled and just want to send all my love and thanks.


look, I’m blogging!

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