Tips Before Appointments

Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment with my breast surgeon. We will discuss the nipple delay (happening on 8/18) and the mastectomy (happening on 8/26). I always prepare before important appointments, and here are some of my tips.

  • Audio record the appointment. You will forget a lot of what is discussed during important appointments, and sometimes you can be on information overload. If you have it on tape, you can listen to it later to remember what was discussed.
  • The day before your appointment, write down a list of questions you want to ask. If you have loved ones who are involved in your care, go over the list with them as well in case they think of additional questions.
  • If you can, always have someone with you at the appointment. Bringing a trusted family member or friend can help. They will remember to ask things you forget, and they can act as your advocate if needed.
  • Bring a notebook
  • Don’t be shy – ask what is on your mind and always advocate for yourself

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