T-Minus 1 Month

Today is one month until my mastectomy on August 26th (AKA ticking time bomb breasts removal). It’s crazy that I found out about my BRCA mutation in 2007, made the decision to have a preventative mastectomy this December, and started Funky Genes in May. The time has flown by and I honestly can’t believe the surgery is coming up so soon. Luckily, I feel really prepared and have the next month to finalize everything I need during recovery.

Am I scared? Yep. Am I still 100% confident in my decision? Absolutely. My support network and the people I’ve reached through my decision to go public with this journey have been incredible. I’ve had tons of friends and family offer their support, and I’ve even had some reach out to me about getting the BRCA genetic test themselves. I’ve even had people I don’t know reach out to me because they had questions about BRCA and found my blog online.

So, on the one month countdown to my mastectomy, here’s a reminder why considering genetic testing is important.

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