W is for Waffle

Yesterday marked 1 month until my nipple delay, so I’m really going to start eating clean and working out more. I’m also going to cut out caffeine but I’ll realistically probably start that the week before since I have 12-hour shifts and school going on. So this weekend is kind of a food bonanza since I’ll start clean eating on Monday. This morning, Adam and I went to an awesome waffle joint and I had gluten free fried chicken and waffles. It was so good! I balanced that out with a rebounder class.

A rebounder is basically like a mini-trampoline that is an awesome workout. NASA says that 10 minutes on a rebounder = 30 minutes of running. Plus, it helps drain your lymphatic system, which will be really good before my surgery. I’m even thinking of buying one for the house to use it daily before my mastectomy. Hopefully I won’t look like this.

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